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Karen 2 months ago
I love jacking and sucking a man's cock knowing that I can make him cum with just my touch or with my mouth is a huge turn on and makes me wet and makes me want to swallow his love seed.
I love being in control of when he cums.
kamaz 2 months ago
I jerked off
hornyguy_2008 2 months ago
just loved this video! So intense. Not often that I watch 'just' masturbation videos, but this one really aroused me. Even though I'm straight, I could not stop looking at his dick! He was so blatantly aroused by her touch.
loved seeing all that cream leaking from his bell end and she was using it as lube.
must have felt amazing, no wonder he came so heavily!
BillDawg 2 months ago
Couple goals
DIO 1 month ago
horny_guy2008 2 months ago
Don't usually watch 'just' masturbation videos, but this one caught my eye! It was so intense and thrilling to watch these two pleasure one another. Although I'm a straight man I found it hard to take my eyes from his cock! One could tell how aroused he was. His bell end was so swollen throughout and he leaked so much cream. Watching it leak over her hand was amazing.. and what a big load at the end!
person 1 month ago
dayumm that was fucking hot
happy me 2 months ago
good girl :D
Yesyes 2 months ago
I love it when a man’s cum turns her on harder
I'm Not That Inocent01 2 weeks ago
I'd rather do this that the real thing tbh