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Lee 5 years ago
Actually she is married, but your all right about one thing she is a freak
wow 7 years ago
shes a fucking freak, marriage material right there
some guy 7 years ago
She's not married or anything. Just gets gangbanged by her black buddies. Which is cool lol. But she doesn't actually do real cuckold vids
Her name 6 years ago
Her name is Amber Blank
Your welcome
Billy Bob 5 months ago
Video brings memories of when my young petite blonde white went to see the game at a friend's house. Wife took me upstairs to bedroom where a black dude was waiting. Wife told she just wants to look at a black cock. Next thing I know he face fucking my wife, stretched her ass and cum all up inside my wife's pussy.
Adrian hayes 2 years ago
Gigi 6 years ago
Hmmmmmmm 6 years ago
Is he soft like he aint even interested she had a nice ass for a small woman
lol 6 years ago
"OW OW OW feels so good OW" lmao
Black Bull 7 years ago
Lovely Cock Worshiping Whore!
But playboy was weak & soft, if I had her flexible Ass , smfh I would have shown her different this her body can do having sex.